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Kung Fu Carrie

music, photos, politics, randomness, and almost no kung fu

7 February
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I wish I really knew Kung Fu.

I'm a musician. I play tuba in a dixieland band. I also play tuba in a brass quintet. I play bass guitar sometimes, too. I picked up the bodhran. I love all music styles - from classical to bebop to rock to hiphop.

I dabble in photography.

You'll find some icons & graphics around here and I'm usually taking requests.

I'm into: riding my bike anywhere possible, supporting local artists + craftspeople, eating locally grown foods, + sharing a pint with old + new friends.

A work in progress: My own crafts + designs under the name Lightning Edge in the form of an etsy store + Skreened shop. The Skreened tshirt shop is OPEN for business. Find items like these: